Become a Member

One of us. One of us.

We’d love to have you. Please print fill out this application form and bring it to one of our meetings by February 8, 2017. Until then, you’re allowed to come to our meetings and mooch on the food for free, especially if you’re not sure about joining. Bring a friend, too!

Once you join our organization, we give you access to internships and jobs all around the nation, along with the ability to network with creatives everywhere.

Here’s our dues breakdown:

  • $30 for year and no NSAC
  • $15 for just fall
  • $15 for just spring and no NSAC
  • $80 for year and NSAC (25 for us 55 for national)
  • $65 for just spring and NSAC 
  • $55 for just NSAC 

We accept dues in cash, checks made out to LSU AdFed, debit/credit cards, and Venmo (@lsuadfed).

On the NSAC team, you need to pay dues to the national American Advertising Federation. However, in our fine place, you’ll just need to pay less. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Attend all professional workshops and events at the member rate
  • Opportunity to attend professional luncheon for free (this is first come first serve basis, 10 seats available and must be reserved by entering meeting raffles)
  • Enter ADDY’s at the member rate
  • Attend AAF-BR Spring Student Convention in the Spring at the member rate
  • Attend all LSU ADFED Member meetings for free
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